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"I have been blessed to have Tawn in my life for many years, first as a fellow clinician. I noticed right away that those who saw her for therapy seemed more peaceful after a session and got better right away, no matter how difficult the issues. Their whole lives improved, actually. I know first hand that her exceptional intuitive skills combined with her clinical knowledge create a naturally healing state. I have had intuitive readings from her and am always amazed at the accuracy and the gentle, healing way in which they unfold. Tawn is truly a gifted healer who just knows some things, and knows the best way to help integrate the healing."
Lisa Cline
Artist and Art Therapist

"I met Tawn six years ago while in a state of active addiction, depression, and anxiety. Counseling was not new to me as I have sought assistance with personal growth and healing from time to time over the years. Tawn's creative use of sand trays and art therapy enabled me to reach a depth of emotional healing I had never experienced before. Her intuitive therapy facilitated healing which resonated to the core of my being, bringing peace and harmony that has enabled me to live a more full, complete, and spiritual life. I am forever grateful for Tawn's gifts and guidance."
Janet N., GA

Call me at 505-315-8001.

Email me at Tawn@TawnTalks.com.

For Intuitive Healing Sessions, Products, or to Secure a Radio Date Appearance, please contact Tawn by phone or email so that we may work together to be sure to meet your needs.

An Intuitive Healing Session includes: Calling in the Angels, Guides, and Ancestors; A Cord Cutting and Cleansing with ArchAngel Michael; Healing Energy with ArchAngel Raphael; an Intuitive Health/Body Scan, Past Life Retrieval, and Mediumship; along with other insights; all as part of helping you gain the answers to the questions and issues that are active in your mind or reality today. All of this takes about an hour.

Intuitive Healing Sessions and Speaking Events
(In person, over Skype, phone, email, or with a digital file.)

Intuitive Healing Session: $150 per hour.
When Offering a Special: $120 per hour.
Single Question: $30 for 10 minutes.
Wish Game Event, per seat reservation: $40
Hypnosis Session: $120
Reiki Session: $90
Introductory Teleseminar or Live Workshops: $60
Introductory Teleseminar or Live Workshops with 10% off Coupon: final price $54.00
Advanced Topics Teleseminar or Live Workshops: $100

Public Speaking and Workshops are priced differently, based on event and location.


"Healing Waters" Small Elixir Spray (2 ounces): $15.99 plus $4.01 SH = $20.00
"Healing Waters" Large Elixir Spray (4 ounces): $26.99 plus $5.01 SH= $32.00
"Healing Waters" Starter Pack Special of 3 Elixirs (3 of 2 ounces): $35.00 plus $ 10.00 SH= $45.00
(See "Healing Waters" descriptions below.)
Hypnosis CDs: $15 + $4.95 SH = $19.95
Hypnosis MP3s: $12

Please call Tawn at 505-315-8001 to schedule your reading, delivery, or products.

Radio Show Fees

Radio Show Interview Fee: $60.00
Radio Show Advertisement, 60 seconds: $60.00

Please call Tawn at 505-315-8001 to schedule your interview or set up your ad.

Session Options

Product Options

Radio Show Fees

Please fill out this form to send me your contact information
for products shipped or events ordered. Thank you!

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"Healing Waters" Gem Elixirs
Infused with Reiki Energies

Healing Waters

Each Elixir is created from a unique combination of crystals and minerals–treated with care and time–to create a unique elixir that is powerful and effective in working with energies of the emotional body. After each batch is "brewed" it is infused with Reiki healing energy by a Reiki Master. They are not to be taken lightly and can have profound mental and emotional effects.

Use one Elixir at a time—become familiar with each spray before using a 2nd spray.

How to use the Gem and Reiki Infused Elixirs:
1. Spray in and around your Auric field, then breathe deeply and relax.
2. Spray into an environment where you desire the shift of energy.
3. Pour into your bath water–combined with sea salt–for a long, relaxing soak.

1. Cleanse and Deflect:
Brings in emotional strength and wards off negativity with a field of energetic deflection. Releases old emotional attachments, stagnant energies, and negativity.
Made from: Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and infused with Reiki Energies.

2. Balance and Open Heart:
Balances emotions, soothes the heart, assists in the opening of the heart chakra and the 4th chakra, and creates a subtle sense of emotional peace.
Made from: Rose Quartz, Amethyst Crystal, Clear Quartz, and infused with Reiki Energies.

3. Joy:
Brings a sense of fun, variety, adventure, love, sensuality, dynamism, "Joie de Vivre," and lifts depression.
Made from: Mookaite, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and infused with Reiki Energies.

4. Soul's Purpose:
Moves you toward your Soul's purpose, with a sense of invincibility and spiritual fulfillment. Great for ceremonies, deep meditation, or connecting with the Soul.
Made from: Kyanite, Celestite, Herkimer Diamond, Angelite, Clear Quartz, and infused with Reiki Energies.

5. Psychic Opening:
Opens the 5th and 6th chakras, brings in receptivity and clarity, strengthens the senses, and assists in speaking one's truth, channeling, psychic readings, or automatic writing.
Made from: Celestite, Larimar, Sodalite, Tiger's Eye, Clear Quartz, and infused with Reiki Energies.

6. Ascension:
Creates an uplifting of one's energy being, to lift out and above your physical body. A very powerful tool for meditation and assistance in the ascension process, you must be seated and do not operate machinery when using Ascension Elixir.
Made from: Moldavite, Rosophia (Red granite), Azeztulite (White Quartz), Clear Quartz, and infused with Reiki Energies.

7. Rejuvenate:
Assists the body's energy system in strength and rejuvenation in overcoming the emotional effects of recent illness or trauma.
Made from: Unakite, Nephrite, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Zoisite with Ruby, Clear Quartz, and infused with Reiki Energies.

Starter Kit
The Starter Pack

The Starter Pack contains three most often used sprays—Cleanse and Deflect, Balance and Open Heart, and Joy— and can be purchased at a special value. Many people have found that they enjoy using Cleanse and Deflect, waiting 3 minutes, using Balance and Open Heart, waiting 3 minutes again, and using Joy as part of their preparation for the day, or after a day out in the world and seeking to wind down and enjoy their free time. Using the Starter Pack helps with staying grounded, focused, and present in all that we do. Carrying the Starter Pack with you—in your purse, back pack, or vehicle–can help you to handle the ups and downs of our stressful lives in these changing times.


Do not operate machinery or go out in public
until you know how the elixir effects your ability to function.

Please be cautious when using Ascension as it is designed for quiet meditation,
not for public use or when operating machinery.

Email: Tawn@TawnTalks.com Phone: 505-315-8001

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