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“Tawn’s ability to clearly and accurately communicate with my deceased husband has been an amazing and life-changing blessing for me. In addition to providing me with guidance and support from Spirit, she saw for me situations that I could never have imagined. These days, as I watch her predictions come to pass, I can’t help but smile and feel so blessed to have met her. I can say with certainty that Tawn has much to offer to anyone struggling and in need of counseling or angelic guidance. She is among the most honest and compassionate psychic healers I’ve experienced, and I recommend her without reservation.”
Susan R.

Tawn's Radio Show Guest Line-up

"Tawn Talks About Intuition" can be heard weekly on Fridays at 10am PST, 11am MST, 12pm CST, or 1pm EST, on SedonaTalkRadio.com.

Each week join us as Tawn Head, Psychotherapist and Intuitive, interviews an interesting leading figure in the New Age field. Later in the show Tawn shares with us "Tips on Intuition" containing information about working with and developing your own innate intuition, and how to connect and work with various Archangels and Ascended Masters.

To hear the show live on your phone, call 323-693-3316.

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Tawn Tallks About Intuition offers a comprehensive 8 point promotional plan for each show episode. To Schedule your interview on the radio show, or to secure advertising time, please call or email Tawn. Please refer to the payment section on the left side of this page to finalize the dates and arrangements. Please note that we are often scheduled several months in advance. We look forward to working to promote you and your business in the future.

April 12, 2013—Chris Shultz—YouArePerfection.org
Later Tawn will be sharing about Psychometry.

April 5, 2013—Shelly Wilson—ShellyWilson.com
Later Tawn will be sharing sharing about Arch Angel Chamuel.

March 29, 2013—Tawn Head—TawnTalks.com—Tawn will be sharing about her technique of doing intuitive sessions, and then taking calls for mini-readings on the air as a way of saying "Thank You" for listening for 2 years! Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!

March 22, 2013—Christa Lancaster & Marc Bregman—NorthOfEden.com
Later Tawn will be sharing about How to Cleanse and Care for Your Energy Field part II.

March 15, 2013—Jane Ritson—JaneRitson-Astrologer.co.uk
Later Tawn will talk about Ascended Master Kali.

March 8, 2013—Brad Morris—CowabungaLife.com
Later Tawn will be sharing about How to Cleanse and Care for Your Energy Field part I.

March 1, 2013—Stacey Tratner—JourneyToADifference.com
Later Tawn will be sharing about Arch Angel Raziel.

February 22, 2013—Candice Thomas—CandiceThomasIntuitive.com
Later Tawn will be sharing about Archangel Raziel.

February 15, 2013—Liz Randol—SpiritPath-Healing.com
Later Tawn will be sharing about: Clairaulience.

February 8, 2013—Heidi Howley—HeidiHowley.com
Later Tawn will be sharing about Ascended Master Solomon.

February 1, 2013—Mal Duane—AlphaChick.com
Later Tawn will be talking about Clairgustance.

January 25, 2013—Diane Camillo—AwakenToWellnessNM.com
Later Tawn will be talking about Arch Angel Sandalphon.

January 18, 2013—Suzanna Axisa—TheGapCoach.com
Later Tawn will be talking about Claircognizance II.

January 11, 2013—Lori Rubenstein—CoachForPassionateLiving.com
Later Tawn will be talking about Ascended Master Qwan Yin.

January 4, 2013—Nan Martin—Experience-Essential-Oils.com
Later Tawn will be talking about Claircognizance I.

December 28, 2012—Tawn Head—Join us as Tawn shares with us about "Intuitive Life Scripting," a technique we can use to create our own 2013.
Later Tawn will be talking about ArchAngel Azrael.

December 21, 2012—Chris Cappuccino—CrystallineConnection.com
Later Tawn will be talking more about Clairsentience.

December 14, 2012—The Mary Group—TheMaryGroup.com
Later Tawn will be talking about Ascended Master Green Tara.

December 7, 2012—Diane Camillo—AwakenToWellnessNM.com
Later Tawn will be teaching us about accessing our Clairsentience.

November 30, 2012—Lori Rubenstein—CoachForPassionateLiving.com
Later Tawn will be sharing with us about Archangel Sandalphon.

November 23, 2012—Wayne Brewer—WayneBrewer.com
Later Tawn will be teaching us about giving Thanks and giving back to others.

November 16, 2012—Tony Burroughs—Intenders.org
Later Tawn will be sharing with us about the Ascended Master Horus from the Egyptian history line.

November 9, 2012—Andria Molina—AndriaMolina.com
Later Tawn will be teaching us more on Clairaudience.

November 2, 2012—Barbara Besser—AscensionArtOnWings.com
Later Tawn will be teaching us about Clairaudience.

October 26, 2012—Jane Ritson—JaneRitson-astrologer.co.uk

October 19, 2012—Norma Holliss—NormaHollis.com

October 12, 2012—Tony Burroughs—Intenders.org

October 5, 2012—Richard Lee Taylor—SavedByAStroke.com

September 28, 2012—Richard Lee Taylor—SavedByAStroke.com

September 21, 2012—Robert Morrison—PastLifeRegressions.com

September 14, 2012—Richard Tait—RichardChannels.com

September 7, 2012—Sandy Alemian—SandyAlemian.com

August 31, 2012—Robert Morrison—PastLifeRegressions.com

August 24, 2012—Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D.—BlamingJaphyRider.com

August 17, 2012—Charlene Lewis—TimeToHealNM.com

August 10, 2012—Daniel Sharp—BostonSoulCoaching.com

August 3, 2012—Rachel Zuses—DivineTemplateCreations.com and NewDimensionsPsychicFaire.com

July 27, 2012—Kimberlee Johnson—SunHerbal.blogspot.com

July 20, 2012—Susan Zummo—SusanZummo.com

July 13, 2012—Jacque Nelson—TheMaryGroup.com

July 6, 2012—Frank Butterfield—CommunionOfLight.com

June 29, 2012—Dr. Tanya Jones—TanyaJonesMD.com

June 22, 2012—Jennifer Farley—JenniferFarley@Hotmail.com

June 15, 2012—Richard Tait—RichardChannels.com

June 8, 2012—Wayne Brewer—WayneBrewer.com

June 1, 2012—Colleen O’Connor—SacredJourneysWellness.com

May 25, 2012—Patty Greer—PattyGreer.com

May 18, 2012—Meg Colby—TheManyFacesOfGod.com

May 11, 2012—Alyson Mead—SassyPsychic.com

May 4, 2012—Brad Morris—CowabungaLife.com

April 27, 2012—Susan Zummo—SusanZummo.com

April 20, 2012—Tony Burroughs—Intenders.org

April 13, 2012—Eva Marie—QuantumAngel.com

April 6, 2012—Karen Wyman—SoftLandings.wordpress.com

March 30, 2012—Dr. Eric Pearl—TheReconnection.com

March 23, 2012—Ainslee MacLeod—Soul-World.com

March 16, 2012—Richard Tait—RichardChannels.com

March 9, 2012—Santa Fe Harmony Center—SantaFeHarmonyCenter.com

March 3, 2012—Alison Baughman—VisibleByNumbers.com

February 24, 2012—Kimberlee Johnson—SunHerbal.blogspot.com

February 17, 2012—Lori Rubenstein—LoveAdvice.com & TranscendingDivorce.com

February 10, 2012—Mary Soliel—MarySoliel.com

February 3, 2012—Kala Ambrose—ExploreYourSpirit.com

January 20, 2012—Kathryn Tull—NextBoldStep.com

January 13, 2012—Shakti Gawain—ShaktiGawain.com

December 23, 2011—Michaela Alana Muniz—letsvortex@gmail.com

December 16, 2011—Richard Tait—RichardChannels.com

December 9, 2011—Mary Ellen O'Leary—BlueSageInstitute.com

December 2, 2011—William Elias Barnet—OneIAm.com

November 25, 2011—William Lee Rand—Reiki.org

November 18, 2011—Lucia Cappachione Ph.D, A.T.R.—LuciaC.com

November 11, 2011—Danelle Becklund—InnerSpiral.zxq.net

November 4, 2011—Summer McStravick—FlowDreaming.com

October 28, 2011—Chris Cappuchino—CrystallineConnection.com

October 21, 2011—Rebecca Wood—WeLoveLaughter.com

October 14, 2011—Lisa Bousson—LisaBousson.com

October 7, 2011—Shay Parker—ReadingsByGeminiRose.com

September 30, 2011—Tony Burroughs—Intenders.org

September 23, 2011—Zenne or Suzenne Seradywn—PureMotherLove.com

September 16, 2011—Jaquie Nelson, channeling The Mary Group—TheMaryGroup.com

September 9, 2011—David Wilcock—DivineCosmos.com

September 2, 2011—Melissa Frei—MelissaFrei.com

August 26, 2011—Allison Hayes—TheRockGirl.com

August 19, 2011—Mark David Gerson—MarkDavidGerson.com

August 12, 2011—Nathan Main—SpiritTransformation.com

August 5, 2011—Phaeryn Sheehan—AscendedMastersFoundation.org

July 22, 2011—Amir Zoghi—BeFreeEvents.com

July 15, 2011—Michaela Alana Muniz—letsvortex@gmail.com

July 1, 2011—Diane Camillo—AwakenToWellnessNM.com

May 27, 2011—Betsy Morgan—AskBetsyMorgan.com

May 6, 2011—Richard Tait—RichardChannels.com

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